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New Light Portrait’s Backlit Frame

Our photographs are a memoir of the emotions and expression that occurred in our lives. They capture these static moments that brings back memories of the emotions that goes along with these pictures. Photos are treasured items wherein kept safely to preserve its quality.

Nowadays different ways of improving the quality and showcasing the beauty of photographs are available in the market. NewLight Portraits™ is one of leading company that offers products such as their backlit frames to accentuate the beauty of photographs by providing an illumination or back-light that is evenly distributed highlighting the main features of the photograph.

What is this product? NewLight Portraits are LED operated backlit photo frames that are fully functional and self-contained units.


Features of NewLight Portrait’ LED Backlit Photo frames were as follows:


Efficient and Durable

The led backlit photo frame consumes only 12-30 watts of power which is more power saving compared to other lighting source. The utilization of LED technology as source of illumination is the reason of the efficiency of this product. The LED on this product lasts up to 10,000 hours of continuous day and light usage; that is equivalent to 10 years of durability. Turning the power on and off would add lifespan of the product that is estimated to last for 20 years. The efficiency and durability of the said product can be adjusted by proper usage.


Brings Photos to Life

The main goal of NewLight Portraits Backlit Frames is to bring life to photos by the use of back lit or illumination. The focal points of the photos were accentuated by evenly distributed lighting from LED bulb making emphasis to the details on the photos. They create a more vivid view of photographs by providing enough light need that supports the different picture features such as the contrast, color variations, sharpness and all other features that could showcase the beauty of the photos.


Available in Various Size with Affordable Prices

Different sizes are available for customers to choose from that would match their taste preference and budget. The prices start from $200 for the smallest size (11 x 14 ) and ranges up to $550 for the biggest size (24 x 36). The company also allows customizing of size but it requires an additional payment. Frames are available in two different orientation, landscape and portrait. Check the list below for the sizes with its matchingprices.

· 11 x 14 Portrait or Landscape: $200.00

· 14 x 18 Portrait or Landscape: $250.00

· 14 x 20 Portrait or Landscape: $300.00

· 16 x 20 Portrait or Landscape: $325.00

· 16 x 24 Portrait or Landscape: $350.00

· 18 x 24 Portrait or Landscape: $375.00

· 20 x 24 Portrait or Landscape: $400.00

· 24 x 30 Portrait or Landscape: $450.00

· 24 x 36 Portrait or Landscape: $550.00


Space Friendly Design 

The design of the frames is themed to fit on walls and make use of minimal spaces. Frames are built with approximately 5/16 of an inch thick and can be framed or hung on any wall as is. The thin features of frames allow the product to be hanged or placed on remote areas that needed some lighting and styling. Its 1″ border around the photograph and smooth edges adds an aesthetic feel to this design.


User Friendly Components

The mechanism is comprised of a switch, electric plug and approximately 12 feet cord. A cord extension is also available if preferred by the client. This product features an on-off switch and electric plug-in to ensure energy saving options. Cord extension and replacement gives freedom in choosing the place for LED backlit photo frame allowing the user to customize the arrangement of frames to satisfy their taste. Cord replacement of different lengths provides an option in styling their own space without having to worry about the distance of energy source. Cord component can be replaced with longer wire if necessarily needed.


Products Warranty

All products availed in NewLight Portrait is under the company’s warranty for 2 years, thus making the customer more assured that they get the best quality products and getting what they paid for. The warranty of products can be extended up to 3 years by signing up for an additional warranty extension agreement (with additional payment). NewLight Portrait also offers a lifetime Replacement Insurance for $150. This service offers replacement of the frames with new one if its “service life “ended or simply, items will be replaced once it is not working.


Advantages vs. Disadvantages of the Product




· Unique product – Uses LED light technology emphasizing photo’s focal point.

· Easy to hang – Thin walled frame, proficient design for hanging purposes

· Lightweight – The product’s weight is designed to allow hanging

· Lively and colorful pictures – Back-lit frames accentuate livelier and more colorful pictures

· Promotes Energy Saving – The LED light promotes energy efficiency for saving electricity.

· Aesthetic Design – Contemporary design creates modern feel of the product

· Provides Additional Lighting – Serves as addition to lighting and alternative light source

· Replaceable Cord/wire – Replacement provides choices of cord length preference

· Various Size Range – Size variation provides options in enjoying photograph’s view




· More LED light in backlit frames – Expensive. More energy required in powering all bulb

· Unsightly cord for light plug in –Cord is baggy, creating messy and unsightly view

· Light leak’s out at the back and side –Scattered light on back/ side resulted from leaks.



FAQS on NewLight Portrait Backlit Frame


How much will this affect my electric consumption?

LED light technology was utilized in creating this product offering and energy efficient and power saving capacity for each backlit frames. As mentioned above, its efficiency is better than other light source (12-30 watts) that could end up to $10 / year cost of electricity.


Do these products produce any heat?

These products are made with lighting systems and produce heat in a very minimal way. The heat they produce is lesser than the regular light source.




The creation of such products provide another option in enjoying the photographs that

is treasured by all. This innovation gives a better perception of enjoying our life’s memoir. It can be evaluated and compared to other existing technology by its design, purpose, efficiency, durability and also by the acceptability of the products. Overall this product provides a new way of enjoying and giving life to our most precious photos.

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Photography-Some Insights

There are some tips and tricks on Technology/photography that can provide you with a better way to capture pictures. You need to capture the story behind the picture. Subtle elements don’t make a difference if there’s no story behind it. Also, use a far-reaching focal point. Expansive focal points get darker in the corners, an impact called falloff. This makes the inside moderately brighter, including accentuation. This focal accentuation, notwithstanding being red, is the thing that snatches your eye and pulls you in from a mile away. This is the thing that makes pictures a champ. Simply after a picture has got your attention does it make a difference.

Useful Photography Tips

This is critical. If this picture didn’t get your attention like this, it wouldn’t mean much. Once a photograph has gotten your consideration, it needs subtle elements to keep the eyes intrigued. This is simple. Each photograph has subtle elements. The issue is only a limited number of photographs have any kind of hidden structure to get your attention in any case. For this situation, the less essential points of interest are the yellow looking out from behind the red, the mists swooping out from the inside, the muck on the solid at your feet and the fortifying cross section seen looking out of the highest point of the red divider, in any event when printed at display measure.

Most picture takers snap photographs, focusing just on the points of interest, yet overlooking the far, significantly more essential basics. Most picture takers don’t realize that there are essentials. These essentials are the biggest, evident components of light and dull, hues and shapes. You need to get this hidden structure right, or generally, the photo has no premise on which to stand. Photography is a complicated thing, and learning may be a lifetime experience, but it is worth it.

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Photography-An Overview

There is a delicate balance in this world that only Technology/photography experts can see. You may have heard that photographers see this world in a different way. Anybody can take pictures. Formal courses of photographic review once in a while, if at any time, cover the essentials of picture structure. Indeed, even proficient picture takers are once in a while educated about the nuts and bolts of picture structure. The absence of structure is the reason such a large number of photos don’t make it. There are some essential structures that are significant to making solid pictures. Pictures that get the nuts and bolts right dependably motivate individuals to be wowed.

Understanding the Key to Good Pictures

Equipped with this data, ideally, you’ll begin perceiving the components which make pictures that make individuals’ jaws drop, win respects at photography challenges, and are the primary pictures an editorial manager picks when purchasing pictures. When you take in these basic fundamentals, you’ll have the capacity to take amazing, grant-winning shots with any camera. When you can do this, you’ll no longer need to waste such a great amount of cash on camera apparatus or pull such a large amount of it around with you. You’ll simply take incredible pictures.

Each picture needs an essential structure. Without a hidden structure, it is simply one more exhausting photograph. Each picture needs solid fundamental compositional request with the goal that it gets the eye from a hundred feet away. On the off chance that it can’t get the eye from a distance, it will never be an intriguing photograph, paying little heed to what number of fine subtle elements it may have. This is the basic of basics, and in case you wish to become a good photograph one day, this is something that you must comprehend at any cost.