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24 April 2017 Comments Off on New Light Portrait’s Backlit Frame

New Light Portrait’s Backlit Frame

Our photographs are a memoir of the emotions and expression that occurred in our lives. They capture these static moments that brings back memories of the emotions that goes along with these pictures. Photos are treasured items wherein kept safely to preserve its quality. Nowadays different ways of improving the quality and showcasing the beauty […]

22 March 2017 Comments Off on Photography-Some Insights

Photography-Some Insights

There are some tips and tricks on Technology/photography that can provide you with a better way to capture pictures. You need to capture the story behind the picture. Subtle elements don’t make a difference if there’s no story behind it. Also, use a far-reaching focal point. Expansive focal points get darker in the corners, an […]

15 March 2017 Comments Off on Photography-An Overview

Photography-An Overview

There is a delicate balance in this world that only Technology/photography experts can see. You may have heard that photographers see this world in a different way. Anybody can take pictures. Formal courses of photographic review once in a while, if at any time, cover the essentials of picture structure. Indeed, even proficient picture takers […]